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Session 1

Concept of brands

Act. 1. English Thinking

Look at these quotes about brands and write whether you agree or disagree giving your reasons.

Imagen 1.png
Imagen 2.png
Imagen 4.png
Imagen 3.png
Ancla 1

Act. 2 Discussion

In your opinion, what does “strategic alliances” mean?

Look at these logos, can you tell the following information?

1. What is the name of the brand?

2. What kind of products or services do these brands offer?

3. What is your concept of each one of the brands?

4.  Do yo use or buy some of the products ot these brands?

5. Why are some brands more famous than others?

Imagen 1_edited.png

Act. 3 Vocabulary: Describing brands and products

The following sentences describe some of the most famous brands. Please read them and check the words / phrases in bold letters.

1.I purchased a Mercedes-Benz M5 because it is a very well-made car. This company selects the best parts and it is known for its superior quality.

2.McDonald´s offers a variety of inexpensive meals specially for breakfast. They even offer an all-you-can-eat promotion for $2.99 every Wednesday!

3.Amazon has a very reliable delivery service. Products are delivered on time when I order something.

4.With this new store opening, Prada adds another upmarket boutique in Europe. Prices go from $3000 to $500,000 dollars each handbag.

5.During the remodelling process, the company decided to buy Steelcase chairs for all employees because they are durable and stylish. The furniture gives the image of being long-lasting and elegant.

Think for a moment what is the meaning of these adjectives? Next, go to the next activity and match the words with the correct definition.

Now match the words with the correct definition.

Imagen 1.png

Please answer the questions:

1.Name a product you consider well made and tell us why.

2 What is a brand you think is reliable and why?

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