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Session 2

Brand Identity

Next, you will read some articles from the book

Act. 4 Before reading the article look at the headline and pictures. Predict what the text is about. Then read the first two paragraphs and check your predictions


Article: Creating a Brand Identity: A guide for Designers Branding Basics.

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Act. 5 Define the concepts:
In your own words define the following concepts according to the article:

1.What is a brand?

2.Reasons why we brand

3.How does Branding work?

Act. 6 Focus on specific information: Find words or phrases in the indicated paragraphs that mean the following: establish a bond or connection that will last for a long time (p.2)

b.the degree of consumer recognition of a product by its name (p.3) expand an ongoing emotional relationship between a brand and its customer (p.3) include or hold the entire concept of something within (p.3) successfully reach a more advanced level consumer connection with a particular brand or product (p.4) meet the consumers’ needs (p.4)

g.the fundamental beliefs and guiding principles of an organization (p.5)

h.the property of being physically or mentally strong (p.6) form the basis of the establishment of original brand principles (p.7) provide support (p.10)

Diseño sin título(32).png

​Review your answers

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