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Session 3

The Pepsi paradox

Act. 7 Opinion: Please answer this question

a.What makes you prefer a brand?

Act. 8 Listening understanding: now, watch the video and decide if the following statements are true or false

1.When people see the Coke logo think about its advertisements

2.Sportswear companies hire singers for their advertisements

3.Apple advertised the Macintosh hiring inspirational leaders

4.Nike got involved in the Black Lives Matter movement hiring an American football player

5.United Colours of Benetton protested against gender inequality 

6.McDonald´s logo is green in France and represents family values.

7.Facebook logo is blue because it represents trust and peace.

8.People that wear black clothes are taken more seriously.

9.People that wear green seem more confident.


Here are some useful marketing terms. Look at the pictures and match the words with their meaning

Imagen 1.png
Imagen 2.jpg
Imagen 3.jpg

Brand image                                                                         Brand stretching                                                              Brand loyalty

1.The perception of a brand in the mind of a customer.

2.The preference of a customer to buy a particular brand.

3.The use of an existing brand name on more products on order to be more profitable.

Imagen 1.png

      Product launch                                                          product placement                                         product endorsement

1. When products or brand are used appear on tv series or movies

2. When a company introduces a new product to the market.

3. When a celebrity advertises a brand

Imagen 1.png

       Market leader                                                             market challenger                                                  market share

1. Percentage of sales in the market.

2. The second best-selling product in a market.

3. The best-selling product in a market.

Diseño sin título(32).png

​Review your answers

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