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Session 3

Reading and vocabulary

Read the text from the video on activity 3. Notice the phrases in bold and match them with the correct definition.

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Please answer these questions and explain in detail

  • ·Think about potential mergers and acquisitions. Which companies do you consider a good match for strategic alliance? Why?

  • ·Can you think of some mergers or acquisitions that have succeeded / gone wrong? Give some examples.

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Communicative Grammar: Conditionals for negotiation

 Now, please study the following groups of sentences:

Group A

1.If we make the acquisition public today, we will have economic and financial consequences.

2.If the company board signs the agreement now, we will get better opportunities to expand our market.

3.If the provider doesn´t deliver on time, I won´t buy anything else from that company.

4.If you place your order today, you´ll get 10% discount.

Group B

1.If you gave us an extra 5% discount, we would place a much bigger order.

2.If the company acquired its competitor, it would be the market leader.

3.If the manager paid more attention to the staff needs, employees would be less stressed and would be more productive.

4.If the company didn´t have to cut costs, everybody would be able to keep their jobs.

*Group A: We use the first conditional when the expected outcome situation is very likely.

*Group B: We use the second conditional when the outcome is less certain or is imaginary.

Conditionals formula.

Conditionals are formed by two clauses. A condition and a result.


First conditional

If + condition (simple present) + result (will + action verb in base form)

If you order more than 20 units, we will give you a better price.

Second conditional

If + condition (simple past) + result (would + action verb in base form)

If the company didn´t give the employees good benefits, they would look for another job.

Practise conditionals with this activity.

Choose the correct verbs to complete the sentences:

1.If you give us / will give is a discount of 20%, we will place / place an order tomorrow

2.If you will lower / lower your price by 5%, we buy / will buy at least 500 items.

3.If you aren´t improving / don´t improve your delivery service, customers will have / had to find new suppliers.

4.If we will join / joined an association of producers, we would get / will get a better price for our tea.

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