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Session 4

Business skills: Presentations

When introducing a new product to potential investors or customers, a great presentation is essential. So, beginning the presentation can be one of your challenges. Engage your audience with this next activity.


Act. 10 Video: Stop Beginning Your Speeches with Good Morning and Thank You and Start with This Instead Watch the video (up to 00:34 seconds) and complete the text with the words missing.

Act. 11 Watch the rest of the video and write down the useful presentation opening phrases that the speaker suggests to engage your audience.

Every presentation is an opportunity ___________________. You can either use your pitch _______________, engagement and buy-in or _______________ to share your story in a way that sells no matter how _____________________ is, if you don't capture your audience's attention in the first minute, you'll _______________ you need to get them __________ and to stay there. That first minute is when you're supposed to establish your command of the room and the topic ____________ and signal that you're calm so the audience can just relax.


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