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Session 4

Business development ideas: Negotiation skills

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Read this text about “Game Theory” and write if you knew about this theory.

Game Theory is a mathematical model of interactions that is used in competitive situations to settle conflicts or initiate negotiations between two rational decision makers. Game Theory is widely used in the fields of economics, politics, psychology, computer science and even biology. Business organizations use Game Theory to address issues like mergers, negotiations, product launch, price wars and more.

Game theory can be described as the mathematical study of decision-making, of conflict and strategy in social situations. It helps explain how we interact in key decision-making processes.

Video / Listening for understanding detailed information

Watch the video paying attention to the tips and examples the speaker mentions about how to get better negotiations and

1. write them down

2. Have you ever used some of these negotiation tools? What happened?

3. Add another negotiation tip you have used before.

4. What do you think makes a good negotiator?

5. How common is negotiating in your everyday life?

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English Thinking

Harry A. Mills states that most negotiation deals hold seven stages. Put the stages in the correct order and discover the word spelled with the first letter of each one.

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Language in chunks

As a final activity here are some expressions that can help you negotiate. Read them carefully and organise them using the table.

1.We´d like to reach a deal with you at some point.

2.What do you have in mind?

3.If you order now, we will give you a better price

4.If I understand you correctly, …

5.I´m sorry, that is more than we usually offer.

6.Perfect! We´ve got a deal!

7.I´ll have to check it with my team before making a decision.

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Esta es la última sesión del curso. ¡Has terminado!


Ya puedes aplicar tu inglés por el mundo. ¡Gracias por formar parte de este espacio que creamos para ti.

Ahora tienes la posibilidad de acreditar este curso y obtener una constancia.

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